Did you see a tick?

Participate in mapping out the prevalence of ticks and help us collect valuable data for scientific research.

Tick observations reported in Finland

In total 2023

143 589

In total 2024

2 192

Last 30 days

2 157

Last 7 days

1 266

What is Punkkilive?

Punkkilive is an application developed in cooperation between the University of Turku and Pfizer. Its purpose is to collect valuable data about the prevalence of ticks in Finland to be utilised in university research.

We welcome everyone to participate in this joint effort to map the prevalence of ticks in real time as widely as possible.

Punkkilive contributes to Finnish research on ticks

The uniquely extensive body of data collected by Punkkilive helps determine where and when people and pets encounter ticks.

The identification of risk areas allows us to establish the factors predicting the occurrence of ticks and implement measures mitigating the risk of encountering ticks effectively. The data also makes determining ticks’ seasons of activity across Finland possible.

Jani Sormunen
Jani Sormunen

Postdoctoral Researcher,
University of Turku,
Biodiversity Unit

Over the years, nature-roaming citizens have been hugely helpful to the tick researchers at Turku University.

Mapping out ticks across the whole of Finland would not be possible by a couple researchers alone. After its first year in operation, Punkkilive is already one of the most successful community science projects in Finland. This spurs our researchers on further! Thank you all for your valuable observations!

Ilari E. Sääksjärvi
Ilari E. Sääksjärvi

Professor at the Turku University Biodiversity Unit

The observations logged into Punkkilive clearly show just how common human encounters with ticks are these days. Modern technology means that we can track nature practically in real time, in a more detailed way than ever before.

It is fantastic to see that so many people are inspired to spot these little creatures. I've also been thinking about future projects that would enable us to research all these ticks even more, for example to analyse causes of disease. Let's see what the future brings.

Eero Vesterinen
Eero Vesterinen

University Lecturer in Biology at Turku University

CEO at Bioname Oy


Punkkilive is a map application developed in cooperation between the University of Turku and Pfizer. With the help of tick observations reported by citizens, researchers can map the prevalence of ticks in Finland.