Punkkilive information

The purpose of Punkkilive

The purpose of Punkkilive is to collect valuable data about the prevalence of ticks in Finland in order to contribute University of Turku's research. In order to map the prevalence of ticks as widely and up-to-date as possible, we invite everyone to join this task.

With just a couple of clicks, you can easily add your tick observation directly on the map. The tick map will be updated according to the reported observations daily. Thank you for helping us collect this valuable data. This way, you can give your valuable contribution to advance tick-related research!

If you want to explore the prevalence of ticks in 2015, you can do so on the University of Turku website.


Punkkilive is a map application developed in cooperation between the University of Turku and Pfizer. With the help of tick observations reported by citizens, researchers can map the prevalence of ticks in Finland.

Problems with Punkkilive?

If you notice any technical problems using Punkkilive, you can report them by email to support@punkkilive.fi - please include details of the device and browser being used. We are also happy to receive development suggestions. Please note that emails will not be answered.